Peeter Torop - Modeling and methodology of cultural semiotics
Kalevi Kull - Semiotics becomes integrated
Mihhail Lotman - Rhetoric as a methodology of humanities
Ülle Pärli - Models of understanding: Hermeneutic circle and semiosis
Anti Randviir - Modelling Systems: From the Individual to Society and Back. And Back ... And ... Back ...
Silvi Salupere - TBA
Winfried Nöth - Models as Signs and Semiotic Models as Signs of Signs
Per Aage Brandt - Semiotic Modelling: From Diagramming to Morpho-Dynamic Analysis
Paul Cobley - Semiotics and observership
Marcel Danesi - Metaphor as a three-dimensional modeling system
Jesper Hoffmeyer - From genetic to semiotic scaffolding
Göran Sonesson - On the way to cognitive semiotics. Considerations on methods and models
Frederik Stjernfelt - Corollarial and Theorematical Reasoning - Levels of Diagram Modeling
Boris Egorov - The influence of the Tartu Summer Schools’ publications on the preparation of robots for space flights
Boris Uspensky - Moscow-Tartu School: A Retrospective View
Tatjana .V. Civjan - Structure of Texts and Semiotics of Culture” (ed. J. v.d. Eng, M. Grygar, The Hague – Paris, 1973) as the Foundational Text of the Moscow – Tartu/Tartu – Moscow Semiotic School
Sören Brier - Problems in cybersemiotic modelling

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The Summer School deals with modelling as fundamental problem in semiotics and humanities in general both on the level of research objects and as a method of research. The lectures, discussions, and seminars deal with the ways we model our research objects, with conceptualizing those objects themselves as modeling systems – systems, that process the information about the world while mediating it –, and more broadly with modelling as semiotic behavior.

Summer School includes lectures by Estonian and international instructors, presentations and discussions. First day of the Summer School is dedicated to the Tartu-Moscow School of Semiotics, their theory on modelling systems, and Kääriku Summer Schools on Secondary Modelling Systems.

Lecturers and instructors:
Peeter Torop (Department of Semiotics, University of Tartu)
Kalevi Kull (Department of Semiotics, University of Tartu)
Mihhail Lotman (Department of Semiotics, University of Tartu)
Ülle Pärli (Department of Semiotics, University of Tartu)
Anti Randviir (Department of Semiotics, University of Tartu)
Silvi Salupere (Department of Semiotics, University of Tartu)
Edna Andrews (Linguistics, Arts and Sciences, Duke University)
Per Aage Brandt (Laboratory for Applied Research in Cognitive Semiotics, Case Western Reserve University)
Paul Cobley (Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, London Metropolitan University)
Marcel Danesi (Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto)
Göran Sonesson (Department of Semiotics, Lund University) 
Frederik Stjernfelt (Center for Semiotics, Aarhus University)
and others.

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