Summer School 2011 is five-day event taking place from August 22 to 26 in a secluded Palmse manor in North Estonia. The first day of the event (August 22) will be one-day Conference on the historical secondary modelling systems approach of the Kääriku Summer Schools, with the roundtable by Boris Uspenski, Boris Egorov, Tatjana Civjan, Dimitri Segal, Peter Grzybek and others. It will be followed by four-day summer school on the contemporary problems of semiotic modelling, with world leading semioticians present (among them Per Aage Brandt, Paul Cobley, Marcel Danesi, Winfried Noeth, Goran Sonesson, Frederik Stjernfelt, Jesper Hoffmeyer, et al.), together with the current Tartu group.

Updates [21.08.2011]:
   » Draft version of paper / article added: Arnout De Cleene, B. F. Egorov and Zdzislaw Wasik [links are under their abstracts]
   » Final program
   » Abstracts updated
   » Draft versions of papers added: Wen-Li Soong, Leonid Tchertov, Gunnar Sandin, Laura Bertossin, and Andris Teikmanis [links are under their abstracts]
   » Call for Participants 2011
   » Doctoral school 2011
   » Keynote speakers 2011

Bus from Tallinn to Palmse (August 21) leaves at 19:00. The bus departs from Freedom square ['Vabaduse väljak' in Estonian] - one of the bus stops there. We will gather 18:45 in front of the yellow church (St. John's church - 'Jaani kirik' in Estonian) on Freedom square. (Location on map).
Bus from Tartu to Palmse (August 21) leaves at 17:00 from parking lot in front of Vanemuise theatre (on Ülikooli street). (Location on map).

Travelling: Getting to Palmse;

Information about accommodation: Park Hotel Palmse